Party Bus Tampa Bay FAQ

Can we use the restroom on your vehicles?

Unfortunately, we don't offer restrooms on our vehicles, but we'll be happy to make stops for you whenever it's needed.

Can we smoke and drink inside of your vehicles?

Everybody is allowed to drink as long as they meet the legal drinking age, but as for smoking, it is completely prohibited.

What type of features do you offer with your vehicles?

We offer ice filled bar areas, high quality neon lighting, flat screen televisions with DVD players, iPod capable sound systems, tinted windows, hardwood flooring, leather seating, and more.

What events do customers usually use your vehicles for?

Our customers usually use our vehicles for bachelor and bachelorette parties, school dances, corporate meetings, sporting events, concerts, weddings, winery tours, and more. We're able to accommodate any event.

Is there a time limit on your services?

You can rent a vehicle 24 hours a day, there is no limit on when we can provide you with transportation service.

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