Party Bus Tampa Bay

It's great to be able to serve the Tampa Bay area, where the residents are friendly, the ocean is inviting, and the activity is bustling. Chances are, you'll be needing transportation while you're here, so why not make it the best possible mode of transportation? Give us a call at 813-489-6672 when you're looking for information on luxury transportation, or for rates and availability.

Our Story

Party Bus Tampa Bay provides transportation to the Tampa Bay area in a fantastic fleet of impressive party buses. We're known throughout the area for our reliable services, durable vehicles, and unmatched customer service, and we're certainly proud of the reputation we've established for ourselves. We've been able to move to the top ranks of the transportation industry in Tampa Bay by paying attention to detail and treating our customers as if they were family. When you rent with Party Bus Tampa Bay, you're sure to be treated as though your happiness is pertinent to the success of business, and that's because it is!


One thing to keep in mind when it comes to renting a party bus with Party Bus Tampa Bay is the fact that our chauffeurs are the best in the industry. After all, your experience has a lot to do with the knowledge and professionalism of your chauffeur. We choose our drivers carefully to ensure that they will be positive additions to our team, and we go on to train them in both safety practices and customer service techniques. This is why all of our customers have such a positive experience with our chauffeurs on the road! They know of all of the best places in the area if you're unsure of where to go, and they're glad to share that information with you to make your trip a great one.


You can't go wrong with a party bus company that has an impressive fleet of party buses. All it takes is one look at our vehicle to see that we're the best choice in the Tampa Bay area, as our vehicles come with many more features than the competition. Not to mention that our party buses are the safest in the industry as they come insured and inspected by certified mechanics. For all of these reasons, Party Bus Tampa Bay is the best choice for professional transportation.